2015 Ski Season

Dear Friends:

Today I want to invite you to an extraordinary adventure.

Dare to know our country, the Andes Region of Maule. A treasure that few had get to know, and even less skied.

A place with a unique potential, just 320 km from our central mountains.
This winter has been very dry in the Metropolitan V and VI, but very favourable in the Maule Region.
Today, Los Andes south of the Teno River are snowy, will still be snowing and cold temperatures as well as good weather and excellent snow.

Cheer up and come with your family, groups of friends to discover amazing snow, breathtaking landscapes, extraordinary downs, new dimensions.

The base is Vilches Mountain Lodge, comfortable and warm, a full Spa Lodge, offering cinema and Wifi.

The local gastronomy offering pies, roasts, casseroles and desserts are first rate and personally attended by its owner Don Pedro Canales.

I have 3 programs designed:

1. Ski Week – Saturday to Saturday, skiing from Sunday to Saturday
2. 1/2 Ski Week – Wednesday to Sunday, skiing from Thursday to Sunday.
3. Week End – Friday to Sunday, skiing Saturday and Sunday.

Best Regards

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